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Before coaching the business had a number of major customers and had achieved revenue approaching $400,000 per annum. The business had been successful, but Gary and John felt that the business had not provided enough profit given the large effort expended. During 2 years of business coaching, revenue in the business has almost tripled and profits have increased dramatically over the period.

Gary Hinds, Managing Director

In the first 6 months of business coaching, the business was able to locate and appoint a trusted agent in China solving many of the difficult challenges. Additionally, through a process of analysis and strategic planning, the business identified a pathway to grow the business from the initial turnover of $10 million per annum to more than double the size.

Ethan Nyholm, CEO

The advertising agency business originally called was successful for 20 years growing to 30 staff with revenues exceeding $3m per annum. Then the business entered a difficult period and was closed. A new online only business with minimal staff was reborn. Business coaching enabled the business to regain much needed confidence and transform from $12K per revenue per annum to over $750K revenue per annum. It turned a loss into $250K profit.

Andrew Thompson, Director

A country-based law firm with a good reputation and a track record of excellent service over 20 years decided that it wanted to grow urgently. The managing partner was moving towards retirement and wanted to transition control to an ambitious young partner. The business had experienced no growth for a number of years. The law firm tripled in size over a two-year period growing for $1m per annum in revenue to over $3m per annum in revenue.

Simon Crowther, Partner

Initially the business was formed when two partners decided to part and go in different directions. Over 18 months of business coaching the business was able to deliver complex technically challenging solutions while doubling revenue to exceed $3m per annum in a very competitive marketplace. This was a difficult challenge, as the sales, marketing and delivery processes were in their infancy and cash flow was tight as the company had a desire to expand rapidly.

John Guest, COO

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